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Parts lists updated on Website

I have been working on getting my parts lists updated for a very long time and I finally figured out how to export Filemaker Pro databases into Dreamweaver to put on the web. I apologize ahead of time for the simple fact that they are not sorted alphabetically yet. I noticed that as I was uploading the second to last so now I will go back and get that taken care of and re-upload them as I go.

I would like to remind you that what you see in the parts list is such a small bit of what I all have here that when you are looking for parts please email or call with a list.  After parting out a few hundred cars I am still sorting and organizing all this stuff. Also, there are many items where I have lots of them and in different conditions so prices will vary.

There have been some other updates on the website also. They are quite subtle. I have added some year specific technical items to some of the year groups for one thing.  Another is the addition of the rear disk brake kit to the page for disk brakes.

Some of the next updates will be more diagrams to the diagrams index listing and more technical articles.

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Year end stuff

I have been working on so many things lately that it is hard to chose which should be mentioned here that might be of interest to you folks.

There are some things however that I have made in the shop that I think will interest you even if you don’t need any of them.

This is a set of convertible roof pins for a 1961 thru 63.  I make them on the lathe out of stainless steel.  Each one is made individually.  A set runs about $200.00. I also sell them individually.


convertible roof pin set

convertible roof pin set

This is a set of front fender splash shields for in front of the tire for a 1958 thru 60  Bird. These I make using a wood hammerform and also A Pullmax metalworking machine. Price is $200.00/ pair

58-60 front fender splash shields

As much as anything else this was also a test to learn how to upload photos to a blog post.  So have a good day.


Website Progress

I finally have the website back up and partially functional. I know there are still a lot of links that are not connected but at least I have overcome the main hurdle of getting the software figured out and loading it onto the host server correctly.

The blog is also linked to the site so if a person is on the website they can now access the blog from there.

I am on vacation from school for the next week and few days so I will be working on the website on and off between holiday functions and working in my Son’s shop. (that is a story that will be told in the coming week about the expansion of the Thunderbird Ranch business).

I have also undertaken a major cleanout of my shop. I had so many small projects piled on my workbench, work tables and all over the floor that I had a hard time walking through and especially finding anything. I had move the car out about a week ago that I have been assembling, and the past week I have taken care of a quite a few old parts orders, and some repair projects on window motors, hood hinges, carburetors, exhaust manifolds etc. I will have to figure out how to load photos to this blog so you can see what it looks like.

Come back often to check this all out. There is also a way to subscribe to this so you get notifications when there is a new post but that is also a thing I need to learn before I can explain it to you. However if someone is knowledgable, please share how to do it easily.

From bad to worse

I moved my website due to lousy support. I now have great support but poor knowledge on my part. Due to a couple of issues with software that is no longer supported I also upgraded to Dreamweaver as my website design program (yes I do the website myself).  In the process of importing my site into that program many of the links have gotten broken and now what you see when you log onto the site is just a short directory.

My fault it is not fixed yet. I had to order a book to learn more about Dreamweaver and I just recieved the book. Hopefully, I will have some of the site up and running this coming week. In the process of all this upgrade, I will be adding a lot more content. Included will be more wiring diagrams and many more technical articles.

On the personal side of things, the weather here has been frigid and soft snowflakes quite often but not much accumulation. I have been working in my shop getting out some of the small parts orders that have been on my list for awhile. I have also been rebuilding window motors and building convertible relay systems.

If you have not already done so, look me up on Facebook…..John Draxler. I have been posting a few pics now and then of what I am doing. I will be doing more of that with this blog once I get the website back up and functioning.

Have a good week


Hi All Thunderbird Enthusiasts:

To start with, I want to welcome you to this new feature on my updated website. I have just changed web hosting services to GoDaddy and am thrilled to be able to use these added service that they offer. I also have to brag them up a bit for the excellent tech department they have. Every time I have called in, no matter which helper I get, they know the right answers right away. They have the best customer service of any company I have dealt with, no matter what kind of business it has been.

Since this is all new to me, you can expect a lot of changes as I learn more about what can all be done with this blog thing. I will be opening it to comments from you too, so expect to get involved.

The website has not been updated for a few years for many reasons…… software that has become outdate and no longer supported, computers that have been updated no longer supporting certain software packages, web hosts that do not have adequate technical help and my own learning curve about what is available and how to use it. So on that note also, expect to come back quite often to see what is all taking place on the website itself.

I have a lot of technical articles that have been published in a lot of different locations over the years and I intend to consolidate as many of them as i can on this blog. It will take some time so hang in there. This is going to be an exciting journey for me and hopefully it will be rewarding for you also.

On that note, I leave you tonite with God’s blessing, Amen.