Parts lists updated on Website

I have been working on getting my parts lists updated for a very long time and I finally figured out how to export Filemaker Pro databases into Dreamweaver to put on the web. I apologize ahead of time for the simple fact that they are not sorted alphabetically yet. I noticed that as I was uploading the second to last so now I will go back and get that taken care of and re-upload them as I go.

I would like to remind you that what you see in the parts list is such a small bit of what I all have here that when you are looking for parts please email or call with a list.  After parting out a few hundred cars I am still sorting and organizing all this stuff. Also, there are many items where I have lots of them and in different conditions so prices will vary.

There have been some other updates on the website also. They are quite subtle. I have added some year specific technical items to some of the year groups for one thing.  Another is the addition of the rear disk brake kit to the page for disk brakes.

Some of the next updates will be more diagrams to the diagrams index listing and more technical articles.

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