Answers to some questions

First question, regarding the convertible top problem I was having with the supplier insisting that their top was correct when I showed them it was not…………… I sent it back and ordered from a different company. I have found that Electron Tops are one of the best on the market and the boys that run  it are sons of the original owner and founder of the company.

Second question was regarding the convertible top switch for the dash on 1960 Tbirds, I have them in stock and they are $120.00.

Third question was about the address for my ebay store.

check it out……….. always listing new stuff, some quite unique

Squarebird brake booster Update

OK folks, I have now installed 2 of these new booster and master assemblies with the brackets and all that I have designed and made. They install easily and work great. Very good power assist and feel to the brake pedal. The picture was taken to show the fit.

What I sell includes everything except for the lines. I even include the two fittings that go into the master as they are different from the standard small fittings. You keep the arm that goes inside the car to the brake pedal and the little plate that is between the mounting and the firewall,  everything else is included.

There is a separate set up for cars with air conditioning….. the mounting brackets are longer and move the booster farther away from the firewall so it clears the a/c box. I also include a new arm that connects to the pedal because that has to also be longer than a non a/c arm.

If you have patience you can install this complete and not have to bleed the brakes at the wheels as all the air will rise up through the master and bleed out up top.

Price for this complete set up is $425.00 for non a/c and $475.00 for cars with a/c. Shipping is extra.

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