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Parting out 77

I am dismantling a 77 town landau with a tan interior.

I have a good dash pad, you can paint it whatever color you would need——————$95.00

I also have a nice pair or roof rail weatherstrips………. $100.00/pr

God bless your 4th. of July weekend

Aqua Floor mats

I have a new set of the rubber floor mats in aqua for the 64-66 birds with the white emblem on them

Ordered for a customer and he did not like the color so I am going to sell them for $50.00 plus shipping instead of returning to supplier. This is below my cost. Regular price is $85.00

pass the word


God bless

Frustration with parts..Updated

Well, after a lot of mumbling and a lot of emails to the manufacturer and to the distributor I finally got them to remake their pattern and correct the mistakes with the rear window on the convertible top for the 61-63 birds. I took lots of photos and lots of measurements and emailed them all the information on what was incorrect with their window. I emailed all this information to them along with the exact things they needed to do to make the window correctly. They never even acknowledged any of my emails other than to say they were ordering a top from a competitor to see what theirs was like. I also created a special webpage with all photos showing tape measure with their window on the car…….. never acknowledged that either. To this day, I don’t know if they even looked at it.

Late last week I get an email with a photo of their competitors rear windows. I just replied that it is exactly what I was trying to explain about the problem.

Then I get a message that they will send me a new window and I am supposed to give them feedback as to the fit of the new one. Remember now………. I had already spent hours taking pics and getting them all the previous infor and never even heard that they even looked at it…………… and they had the nerve to ask me to give feedback on the new window prototype………….. why would I believe they would even look at it.?

The window came in Thursday and we installed it that night. I am betting they just copied the competitors window……….. It does fit perfectly and it is exactly the way I explained what they should do to correct theirs.

Bottom line is that the problem has been solved and I have confidence in selling these to customers now, knowing that when they go to install them they will end up with a final product that is correct and very nice. And if the customer has questions about installing the top I can answer them with first hand knowledge that I gained by going through this whole ordeal.

Throughout this process I have not mentioned who the manufacturer nor the distributor is because of good business practices. The top manufacturers do not include their name on anything that comes with the top when you buy it, which I can understand on one hand but I would think that if they were confident in their product they would be happy to have you spread the word about their top. I was told that they don’t want all kind of people calling them with questions on installation etc. I now know that at the factory there is no one who has actually installed a convertble top so they have no knowledge of what it takes to put one of these on. Therefore they could not answer any questions anyway. They just make them and “assume” that it is correct because they are using the “ORIGINAL PATTERN”. They would not believe me no matter what I sent as far as proof because they did not consider me a “PROFESSIONAL INSTALLER” (even though I have been putting tops on thunderbird convertibles for over 45 years) I guess experience does not make one a professional.

So guess what…….. if you want a nice fitting top, this “OLD THUNDERBIRD GUY”  can sell you one with the confidence of knowing that persistence  has gotten the results needed to get it right with this manufacturer.

Hopefully this will help people in the future. God bless!

Subscribe to this blog

I have added the ability to subscribe to this blog. By entering your email address in the box on the bottom of the left column you will be notified when ever I post a new entry. You can subscribe to comments separately if you want them also.

Thank you for asking about this. I made me do the research necessary to get this working.

God bless!

87-88 Thunderbird Manuals


I just got in a couple of the 88 Thunderbird Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Manuals. These are very rare already and they are invaluable if you have one of these cars. Everything electrical and  vacuum is covered with diagrams and locations in this manual. If you want one of these contact me quick. I have 2 of them for sale.

I also have a complete set of the electrical schematics and one set of 3 shop manuals. The shop manual set consists of Body, Chassis & Electrical, and Powertrain.

What I have listed here is pretty much everything available for the 87, 88 bird. One note here……… the 87 and 88 are basically identical cars so if you cannot find manuals for one year you can use the other.

drop me an email at for more info


69-71 Window Sweeps

Just a small note that I now have new material for the door window sweeps for these years. These are also referred to beltline weatherstrips. The material I have is like the original. You will have to fasten it to your existing stainless steel trims on the doors. Price on this is $25.00 each for the 2 door cars and $20.00 each for the 4 door cars. Shipping is extra and I do accept all major credit cards. Drop me an email or ring me at 715-884-6546

email is

My perspective on the hobby

Greetings from the deep freeze of Wisconsin

I have been surprised by how busy I have been throughout this whole downturn in our economy. Pleasantly, I must say.  When I tell other poeple that I have not felt hardship in my business with the old cars they all are surprised too. Some say that it is because the people with these old Thunderbirds have money anyway and are not hurting I have to strongly disagree. I know many of you personally and know that there are struggles for all of us and we are not “just the rich guys”.  Most of us are the struggling middle class.

However I have come up with an explanation for why the parts and service and repair business is still doing well.  This is my own personal opinion, however I would like to get some feedback from you people out there with the cars.

It seems that these old Thunderbirds are first of all a labor of love. And owners are for the most part people that like to have their hands involved in the care of these cars.  Unlike investments in gold or stocks etc, these cars are something that we have complete control of and possession of. We do tend to look at them as an investment however it is one where we can enjoy the benefits of all the while we own it. And yes, the problems, the hours of work, the frustrations and the money we have to pour into them is all part of who we are. If it were not we would have taken that money and stuck in someplace where we could earn a whopping 4% or so.  This investment is one that we can go look at and put our hands on it and understand that the value is there for us no matte what the market does. Yes, some of us worry that we are putting way more into it than we would get in cash if we would sell it. But why should we……. are we going to sell it real soon? I highly doubt you bought the car thinking you were going to make some money by selling it.

I take comfort in the fact that I have a ratty old ’62 bird that I can drive instead of a couple grand in cash. Economy crashes tomorrow, I can still drive my bird but if it would have been cash it would have been able to buy a whole lot less overnight. That bird has a real good chance that it will not lose any value over time, more likely it will increase, although slower than before. Machines only tend to lose value when they become no longer able to be used for something. And even if that something is just an outlet for our creativity, passion and problem solving abilities it is worth ore than the cash we have expended to get it to where it is at any given point. Try taking your cash and walking around at a car show, waving it and see how many people drool and give you the thumbs up. Try sitting in your garage with it on the bench and see how successful you are at increasing it or making it look any better. How much self satisfaction will you get after a couple hours of working on it?  Can you get together with your buddies and share shop time over a nice pile of cash or stocks or gold coins?  And another one for me, that cash is totally silent no matter what I do with it, but that old bird has a rumble that stirs something deep inside me that has been there for more than 60 years now. Money can’t buy that feeling no matter how long we let it grow. Sooner or later we will trade that money for one of these machines that gives us a whole lot more satisfaction and joy.

Thanks for all of you that spend some of it with me because I do turn it into things that will go Vroom. (I like to eat and stay warm also)

Let me know what you think>

Parts lists updated on Website

I have been working on getting my parts lists updated for a very long time and I finally figured out how to export Filemaker Pro databases into Dreamweaver to put on the web. I apologize ahead of time for the simple fact that they are not sorted alphabetically yet. I noticed that as I was uploading the second to last so now I will go back and get that taken care of and re-upload them as I go.

I would like to remind you that what you see in the parts list is such a small bit of what I all have here that when you are looking for parts please email or call with a list.  After parting out a few hundred cars I am still sorting and organizing all this stuff. Also, there are many items where I have lots of them and in different conditions so prices will vary.

There have been some other updates on the website also. They are quite subtle. I have added some year specific technical items to some of the year groups for one thing.  Another is the addition of the rear disk brake kit to the page for disk brakes.

Some of the next updates will be more diagrams to the diagrams index listing and more technical articles.

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