Working during lockdown

This quarantine thing is actually doing me good as I have to sit here and do work. I just cleaned out some window motor cores and found three that looked good so we went into rebuilding mode. Just finished up a 58-60 and 2 for the 64-66 doors, a right and a left. Price on these guys is $125.00 exchange and I guarantee my work. I know new are available however they are over twice the price and I am still not sure if they have solved the problems they were having with them. These I know will work.
I have started some serious cleaning here in my parts department. I have all these parts from when I dismantled cars and just stashed everything because I had no time to sort. So now I am purging out the parts that I feel no one would want to put on their cars, just wish scrap prices were higher. I am listing things on ebay that seem a bit special. I am not listing any dirty old or electrical parts that I have not reconditioned…..taken apart, cleaned and tested them.
One thing I have a ton of is relays of all kinds. If you just want a few for spares, these may be just what you are looking for. I take them all apart and totally clean them inside and out, polish the contacts and test them. Selling for half of new, $25.00 each….. lots of convertible ones.
I will be posting a bunch of pics soon.
Stay home and stay safe. God bless you all.

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