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Special notifications of things for sale

New—– Ebay store listings

I have decided that I have to start reaching out to the people who shop on eBay and the only way I could do that was to open a store on their site. I have so many parts that are kind of odd and fairly rare so that is the best way to get them out in front of the buyers. For any of you who want to go see what i all have, go to the advance search and choose sellers, then search the sellers for “draxus1″

I find it hard to operate by their rules because there is no real one to one contact other than going through their messaging system which is a pain however if any of you find me on there you can send me an email through my website at

It is just one more way of getting some of these parts I have out in the area where people will see what i all have.

Check it out, please!

God bless

Back at it

Well, even though the weather is very cold and there is snow on the ground I am discovering parts that I am pretty sure one of you is in need of. I have been asked a number of times whether I have any grills for 1965……. but I had none.

Well, just aquired a bumper with a nice grill, no cracks but a few small pits on the back edges of the bars. It would make a very good driver the way it is. Price is $150.00 plus shipping.

65 grill1

65 grill2

65 grill3

just found some parts—–carb is sold

I dismantled a 64 that had a nice carb on it. It has a 1965 number on it…. C5SF-A. It is nice and free and not corroded so it would be a good rebuilder or core. Normally a core is $100.00. For those of you who read my blog………. $75.00

Also a lot of other good parts on this one including a nice 64 grill —  $100.00

let me know if you would like to purchase

God bless your evening


77 Town Landau trim

just removed these items

targa trim panel with surrounding mouldings all in very nice condtion

the right side window trim pieces are nice with no pits, both the little one and the larger one to the rear of it. The ones on the left hand are not bad but have pits in them. All the little tabs are intact.

I also have all the other stuff from this car but the car was super rusty, floors gone totally front to back.

Have a good day and God bless

Stuff I found in my stash of parts

Been digging in piles of parts and trying to organize a bit, and finding things that are a bit out of the ordinary or things that just need a new home.

I found an original fan shroud for a 1966 with standard 17″ radiator. This shroud is a perfect original, no cracks or chips and would be good on a concours car.  Price is $150.00.

I have a pair of rocker mouldings for 77-79 but they are somewhat dented. They are not corroded away but need straightening. The damage is hard to see in photos so they would not be of much help if I send them to you.