From bad to worse

I moved my website due to lousy support. I now have great support but poor knowledge on my part. Due to a couple of issues with software that is no longer supported I also upgraded to Dreamweaver as my website design program (yes I do the website myself).  In the process of importing my site into that program many of the links have gotten broken and now what you see when you log onto the site is just a short directory.

My fault it is not fixed yet. I had to order a book to learn more about Dreamweaver and I just recieved the book. Hopefully, I will have some of the site up and running this coming week. In the process of all this upgrade, I will be adding a lot more content. Included will be more wiring diagrams and many more technical articles.

On the personal side of things, the weather here has been frigid and soft snowflakes quite often but not much accumulation. I have been working in my shop getting out some of the small parts orders that have been on my list for awhile. I have also been rebuilding window motors and building convertible relay systems.

If you have not already done so, look me up on Facebook…..John Draxler. I have been posting a few pics now and then of what I am doing. I will be doing more of that with this blog once I get the website back up and functioning.

Have a good week

4 thoughts on “From bad to worse”

  1. have been trying to get ahold of you for a while, refered by birds nest, havent gotten a return call and
    this is all of your website that works. I need ember glow decal kit for a 65 t-bird. please call or e-mail me.
    thanks 253-582-3900 steve

  2. I have owned my 1959 T-Bird HT since 1980 which is a one owner car owned by a Long Beach California based Navy nurse originally from Rhode Island. When she retired sometime in the late 1970’s she shipped the car back to Rhode Island that I bought in 1980 with 8,??? miles on it. I today has 37,858 miles on it and still looks new with its original Casino Cream paint. This color was a 1957 Lincoln color that Ford chose to carry over to the Thunderbird each with a different color. Thanks for your web site.

    Fred Allard

    PS I also have an Allard !

    1. Sounds like a real find on that Tbird.
      And of course, someone with the name Allard should own at least one of his namesake.

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