Website Progress

I finally have the website back up and partially functional. I know there are still a lot of links that are not connected but at least I have overcome the main hurdle of getting the software figured out and loading it onto the host server correctly.

The blog is also linked to the site so if a person is on the website they can now access the blog from there.

I am on vacation from school for the next week and few days so I will be working on the website on and off between holiday functions and working in my Son’s shop. (that is a story that will be told in the coming week about the expansion of the Thunderbird Ranch business).

I have also undertaken a major cleanout of my shop. I had so many small projects piled on my workbench, work tables and all over the floor that I had a hard time walking through and especially finding anything. I had move the car out about a week ago that I have been assembling, and the past week I have taken care of a quite a few old parts orders, and some repair projects on window motors, hood hinges, carburetors, exhaust manifolds etc. I will have to figure out how to load photos to this blog so you can see what it looks like.

Come back often to check this all out. There is also a way to subscribe to this so you get notifications when there is a new post but that is also a thing I need to learn before I can explain it to you. However if someone is knowledgable, please share how to do it easily.

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