Stuff I found in my stash of parts

Been digging in piles of parts and trying to organize a bit, and finding things that are a bit out of the ordinary or things that just need a new home.

I found an original fan shroud for a 1966 with standard 17″ radiator. This shroud is a perfect original, no cracks or chips and would be good on a concours car. ┬áPrice is $150.00.

I have a pair of rocker mouldings for 77-79 but they are somewhat dented. They are not corroded away but need straightening. The damage is hard to see in photos so they would not be of much help if I send them to you.


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    1. Yes, there is now. Due to you asking I did some research and added the subscribe section on the menu to the left. Try it out.

  1. John,
    How do the currently available ’66 fan shrouds compare to the original 17″ that you just found?
    Can you tell a difference?
    If you had a currently available replacement on your car, would you replace it with an original if you were planning on competing in a premier class in the near future?

    1. The new repro is very nice shiny black where as the original is a rougher looking part with some fiberglass texture to it. And I believe it had that already when it was new not just due to age. If I were doing the high end show and wanted really original look I would take the original and put a coat of low gloss clear on it. This one that I have would be in good enough condtion for a concours car. It is not chipped or anything.

      1. Thanks for your detailed reply!
        Yes, I would like to purchase the 1966 fan shroud that you recently found in your “stash of parts”.
        Also, I need the right side exhaust manifold for a 1966 T’bird with the 428 (I believe the 390 used the same manifold) engine. Do you have one that is free of cracks?

  2. I am looking for a 1966 thunderbird sequential turn signal relay for my tail lights and was wondering if you possibly had one that wasn’t in too bad condition?

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